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Fault Phenomenon and Maintenance of Thermoelectric Protection Device


Fault Phenomenon and Maintenance of Thermoelectric Protection Device

After ignition, if the hand does not leave the knob, it can burn normally, but when the hand relaxes the knob, it will extinguish. Usually, there is a problem with the thermoelectric protection device.

After confirming the fault of thermoelectric protection device, the main valve of gas supply should be closed before maintenance.

Open the kitchen panel, first check whether there is any problem in the connection between the thermocouple and the solenoid valve, and if there is bad contact, remove it first.

Turn down or pull down the connection between the thermocouple and the solenoid valve, and use the ohmic shield of the multimeter to detect the on-off status of the thermocouple and the solenoid coil respectively (and manually check whether the solenoid valve is flexible), to judge whether the thermocouple or the solenoid valve is damaged or not in good contact. There is little likelihood that both components will be damaged at the same time. If it is a multi-head cooker, you can borrow the normal thermocouple or solenoid valve for alternative judgment. The thermocouple and solenoid valve can also be detached for off-line combination test: one hand press solenoid valve into the solenoid, the other hand use lighter heating probe, after 3-5 seconds release the hand holding the air valve, to observe whether the valve can maintain its position. Remove the lighter and observe whether the solenoid valve can release itself after 8 to 10 seconds. If the device can be positioned after heating and reset after cooling, the device is normal. Another method used to check the thermocouple is to check the voltage of the heated probe with the millivolt shield of the multimeter, which should usually reach more than 20 mV.

1. Keep the thermocouple probe clean regularly, wipe away dirt with a rag, and don't shake the probe at will (to prevent damage) or change the upper and lower position (to affect normal use).

2. When disassembling and assembling solenoid valve assembly, be careful not to damage or forget to install sealing and valve rubber rings.

3. The length of thermocouple has different specifications, and there are many types of joints. When purchasing new components, we should pay attention to matching the type of cooker.

4. Gas stove extinguishing protection device, only for accidental extinguishing and static protection, rather than universal protection, from the source of gas to the inside and outside of the stove may also cause leakage, which can not be careless.

5. Before the stove is restored to use after overhaul, it is necessary to carefully check the sealing of all contacts and confirm that there is no mistake before opening the main valve.




Add: No. 156 Tongshan Road, Ninghai Science Park, Zhejiang Province




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